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The Zodiac Signs Cancer and Cancer 

Cancer & Cancer - Unexpected Difficulties

You would actually think that two of the same zodiac sign would go exceptionally well together, but unfortunately, when a Cancer woman and a Cancer man get together, there is an increase in difficulties. 

But first, let’s look at the positive qualities that emerge from such a relationship. On the one hand, they give each other consistency and security. Together, they can strive it for a lifetime. They share their affection easily and often have romantic evenings. 

Making mountains out of molehills

After a longer period of time, unfortunately, standstill arises. Especially in this partnership, this is very relevant because both the Cancer woman and the Cancer man need change in their lives. It provides growth and a better balance between their emotions and their environment.

If it is missing, they become very thin-skinned and little things turn into elephants, as slights and true feelings are kept behind the scenes. Resulting communication problems exacerbate the whole thing, and over time, the frustration becomes too great to disguise. 

cancer and cancer partnership

Clear Communication for Domestic Peace

Then, one wrong remark is enough and a disproportionate fight will be the consequence. Since they are usually well aware of their partner's weak points, this is where the tide can turn and the knowledge gained becomes razor-sharp weapons. 

The gap becomes unbridgeable and, in most cases, a breakup is seen as the only way out. Both Cancers need to learn to communicate their true thoughts better and clearly address what bothers them – immediately, not after a month or two. If this is taken to heart, a very good and harmonious relationship can develop in the long term.

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