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When you think about the symbols of love that are the most commonly known or thought of, what do you imagine? Perhaps you think about a bed of roses, or maybe you can imagine a night at a restaurant with wine, champagne, and a nice dessert. Other people may think about the stars as being symbols of love too, especially because they shine bright, illuminating the entire sky, and can only be seen and enjoyed in a calm and peaceful environment.

Throughout this article, we will be looking at stars as symbols of love, namely how love may relate to the stars, and how you can apply this love to the stars too. We will be looking at various meanings of stars that also represent love to give you a few more ideas in case Valentine’s day is coming soon.

The Stars As Symbols of Romance

Love is what you believe it is – it is subjective and it can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a collection of signs and meanings, just like it may only be a feeling. Romance is also usually a way to express love: we have romantic dinners, romantic nights out and we bring our partners to the places that we think they will feel the most loved and appreciated.

If you think about the things that you consider ‘romantic’, what do you think of? Maybe you think of a romantic night in the forest, looking up at the stars with your loved one. Or, maybe you think of the stars as a symbol that the world is an endless place that could also mean endless love.

Stars are romantic for many reasons: they shine bright and can light up an entire sky that is otherwise dark. Therefore, they can hold a lot of meaning, no matter how small they look from afar.

Stars Represent Hope and Curiosity

Whenever we start a new relationship, we are full of hope. We smile slightly at the texts our new person is sending us, and we think about all the things that could be. Perhaps we know that we should keep it more realistic and should be careful about being too hopeful because, after all, we never know what could happen. And at the same time, this new love is something we are curious about. What could happen?

Is this partner going to become the love of my life? Will this be the person I create a life with? We are curious, we want to know the inside and outs of everything even though we can’t possibly know what will happen until it does happen. Love is unpredictable, and we can only hope that one day, it will be something beautiful.

The stars are similar: we are intensely curious about the things the universe has to show us, for example. We look at the stars from afar as something that we know is beautiful, but from our position, it is still unknown. We do not know what a star is really like or how we’d feel seeing it from up close, and yet, we still have the ability to find it beautiful.

Looking at a sky full of stars brings us hope because we feel so small in the world that we know there must be someone else out there who is great for us. It makes us realize just how gigantic our universe is, and how small we are in comparison. It makes us curious because we cannot see what is out there. All we can truly see is what we perceive, and that’s something shiny and beautiful.

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The Parts Create the Entity

And yet, the stars we see are, in fact, not a solid thing whatsoever. They are made up of various gasses that, when put together, emit so much energy that they can shine extremely bright and be seen hundreds of light-years away from the Earth. This is similar to love: we see couples that are made up of two people who alone do not shine as bright, and yet, when they unite, they brighten up the entire room. When they unite, however, they can outshine the rest of us. They fit so well together and emit so much energy that we can all feel it when in the same room.

We Are Stars Too

A different way to look at stars when considering their meaning with regards to love is to understand that we are all stars who each shine brightly, and yet either at a different speed or with a different shape. Stars all have different looks and properties: some are flat or almost disc-like and others are much rounder in shape. Some stars are also binary stars, or star systems that include two stars which rotate around a common bary center.

There’s meaning behind this: when we are in a strong couple, we shine together with the person because we are aligned and work in unison. It is this movement of energy that makes us a strong and empowered couple that shines bright, just like the stars. Stars, as you can see, are more than just satellites going through the sky and illuminating our night skies. They provide a sense of romance when we look at them and they can hold a lot of meaning when we see just how bright they shine, just like we do in relationships.

When we’re in love, everything is brighter. The colors shine more and we see our partner as being the brightest person in the universe. They become the center of our universe too, and the spark we need on the darkest days. So, why not use this meaning of stars and bring it forward in your life? You can do so by naming a star after your partner, or better yet, after your couple. You can adopt a star too!

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