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The Zodiac Signs Aquarius and Aquarius 

Aquarius & Aquarius - Like Made For Me

If the airy Aquarius man and the feisty Aquarius woman ever commit, it will most likely be in this combination. The stars are not aligned as well for any other constellation as they are with these lovely zodiac signs, which is mainly because they have a deep affinity for each other. Their great similarities harmonize perfectly with each other and they often share the same visions. To turn their ideas into reality, they pull together. At the very least, they want to get closer to their high ideals. This is further supported by their incredibly harmonious communication. 

Here, they are on the same wavelength and are almost identical. They look at things in life through the same lens. Due to their analytical observation powers, they come to the same conclusions one after the other. 

A Profound Friendship

This does not only create solid love, but a profound friendship, which is the foundation between them. Many great things can be done on this common basis. One thing will come up with none: Routine. 

They are always eager to bring variety into the dreary everyday life. Whether alone, with friends, or as lovers, they plan vacations, activities, cookouts, or they meet with one of their many friends. 

At the same time, humor never falls by the wayside. Together, they can revel in shared memories well into old age or discover new sides of their partner again and again. 

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They Have No Problem Keeping the Reins Loose

Jealousy does not play a role either; they have the same understanding of fidelity and have no problem keeping the reins loose. A profound respect develops, based on mutual trust. There is neither coercion nor control. 

There is one catch, however: They have to be careful not to constrict each other on the one hand, but on the other hand not to lose sight of intimacy. Because if neither of them cares about the feelings in their relationship and romance is put on the back burner one time after another, they will quickly find themselves in a platonic relationship. 

Both have to exercise the utmost caution. From time to time, they need to realize that with all the independence, they are not neglecting their partner. Then there is no danger of them drifting apart over the years without realizing it.

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