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Zodiac Sign Libra and Zodiac Sign Aquarius 

Aquarius & Libra - Plato Sends His Regards

The zodiac sign Libra and the zodiac sign Aquarius are both assigned to the element air. Their nature is similar and manifests itself in the open-mindedness towards new things. They like to experience and discover. Then they tell each other everything about it in detail. 

There is plenty to talk about between Libra and Aquarius and they will always be able to laugh together. When it comes to humor, they are on the same wavelength. They are also optimistic about the future and rarely let their good mood be spoiled.

There are enough points of contact that speak for an intimate and profound relationship. But as euphonious as this sounds, many relationships between the Libra and Aquarius lead to nothing or hardly go beyond a platonic friendship. 

This is a Thorn in the Libra’s Side

One reason is that both hide their emotions like a well-kept secret. As a result, they lack the depth that often comes from romance and expressions of love. However, Aquarius is not known for throwing compliments and affirmation around, this is a thorn in the Libra’s side in particular. 

They live on recognition and do not want to be without it for long. If necessary, they also get it elsewhere. In addition, the Aquarius always maintains a certain distance in their relationships. This only fuels a divergence between the Libra and the Aquarius. It is best to leave it at an open relationship or a purely platonic love, so that they save themselves grief and frustration.

Aquarius and Libra

The Libra Woman and the Aquarius Man

They Get Along Right Away

The Libra woman and the Aquarius man get along right away. They have similar interests, especially in terms of art, music and culture in general. Long conversations deep into the night are normal here. The interpersonal component is light and harmonious with them – that's where the same sense of humor plays into their cards. All of this leads to a relationship that is very low-conflict and easy. 

In particular, the Libra woman provides the needed balance with her high level of understanding. She is very interested in a relationship that is not degenerating into fights, not even if the Aquarius man demands his independence from time to time. As long as he does not take advantage of her magnanimity and accommodates her with romantic gestures, she considers everything at its best. 

They Can Steal Horses Together

The physical love between them also harmonizes dazzlingly. They are not prudes, but on the contrary, very resourceful. They appreciate their spontaneity and variety and like to laugh together. 

Despite their passionate love, they also maintain a friendly relationship with each other. The proverbial stealing horses can be taken seriously here. And as long as the Libra woman and the Aquarius man also allow emotional closeness, this relationship can only grow and flourish.

The Libra Man and the Aquarius Woman

They Rarely Have to Jump Over Their Shadow

The connection between the Libra man and the Aquarius woman does not sprout the greatest buds of growth. They do not enrich each other, but are very similar at times, which leads to an incredible harmony. Unfortunately, however, not to great challenges. They rarely have to jump over their shadow. 

Of course, this is not the main focus of a love relationship, where the priority is happiness. It is therefore all the more pleasing that boredom rarely arises despite little suspense. This is due to the adventurous nature of the Libra man and even more so of the Libra woman. They are enthusiastic about traveling to new places to broaden their cultural horizons – lazily hanging out on the couch all day is a horror scenario for them.

Lack of Tension Does Not Exclusively Lead to Peace

You have to be aware that lack of tension does not exclusively lead to peace, but also loosens the bond. Sometimes it can get to the point where they don't think they're in a relationship yet. They then fall for the temptations of other admirers. 

Clarity is very important here, either about being in a serious relationship, or just a casual open relationship with all kinds of leeway. As long as this is taken to heart and communicated clearly, things will work out excellently between the Libra man and the Aquarius woman one way or the other.


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