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The Aries Woman

March 21st to April 20th

The Aries Woman - A Hot-Blooded Visionary

The emancipated Aries woman is a hot-blooded visionary who pursues her goals vehemently. Whether at work, in the family, during leisure time or with a partner, the Aries woman does not do things by halves. She consistently follows her path to the bitter end. If necessary, through the wall with her head.

In this respect, she does not differ much from the Aries man. This is supported by her strong optimism, which wipes away her doubts. The self-confident Aries woman does not like to be patronized, especially not from men who think they have to protect her. The Aries woman is strong and certainly needs some things, but definitely not a protector – she does quite well herself. 

She Learns to Deal with Defeat

She learns to deal with defeat early on. Thanks to her impulsiveness, she keeps bumping into closed doors, but she learns that defeats have a right to exist. They shape her into the power woman she becomes over time. She likes to pursue a career and often is the head of a venture or an entire company. She likes to lead and has a natural authority. 

She is good with people, who appreciate her lighthearted and honest manner. If she is a manager, she has very high expectations of her employees. Nevertheless, people like to follow her, especially because it ignites the fire in others. She conveys her enthusiasm for a subject with passion and they cannot help but to listen closely. 

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She Never Forgets to be Woman

With all her strength, she never forgets to be a woman. Light-hearted and light-footed, she strikes many admirers right in the heart. She likes to flirt and always remains noncommittal. She herself does not want to commit herself forever. At least not to anyone. The man of her dreams cannot be a couch potato under any circumstances or make a scene when she openly flirts with someone. 

She is always aware of whom she has given her heart to, nevertheless, she retains her independence. Therefore, a future husband cannot be jealous, he has to be equipped with at least the same self-confidence.

Admirers do not Have it Easy

She wants to be able to fight with her partner. A man who talks after her mouth is out of the question and she will quickly see through such men. When her interest disappears, she quickly ditches her admirers. 

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