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Zodiac Sign Sagittarius and Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer & Sagittarius - Exceptions Confirm the Rule

In some very special cases, we are dealing with love at first sight. In these cases, the Sagittarius will make the first move and try to conquer Cancer by any means, because the emotional Cancer awakens the feeling of security in them. This magically attracts the Sagittarius. 

They spare neither expense nor effort to win their heart. With the numerous gifts they offer, the high level of attention and interest in their person causes the Cancer to develop deep feelings for the Sagittarius. Together, they openly talk about their emotions and develop an incredible passion. 

Unfortunately, these special relationships remain an exception. In most cases, it remains a hot affair or a little romance. They have very large differences that lead to numerous differences. 

One Sad Climax Follows the Next

With the zodiac sign Cancer, habitual love meets the freedom-loving Sagittarius. When these two worlds collide, things quickly get out of hand. Due to their strong feelings, the Cancer quickly comes into the temptation to crush the Sagittarius with their love. 

It should be no secret to anyone that Sagittarius needs variety like the air it breathes. The more they feel blocked in, the more they will reclaim their freedom. The Sagittarius goes out more often and the Cancer becomes more and more jealous. It can then come to the point that the Sagittarius cheats on the Cancer, just to feel some independence.

The direct nature of the zodiac sign Sagittarius also hurts the Cancer more and more often. As a result, they close themselves off more and more. The sad climax is a broken relationship in which neither of the two feels understood. Only with strength and effort, they can overcome the greatest obstacles. If they want a love relationship, they always have to take this to heart.

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The Sagittarius Man and the Cancer Woman

In the beginning, there is a very strong attraction between the Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman because the Sagittarius man radiates tremendous warmth. The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is very sensitive. Strengthened by this fact, a hot fire of passion blazes, which leads to fierce romances. 

However, they have to be all the more careful not to burn themselves on this fire. Strong feelings can greatly affect one's perception and you are more inclined to only see the positive aspects of your partner. Unfortunately, they lack a solid foundation for a permanent relationship.

Due to the intensity of the Sagittarius man, the Cancer woman dreams of marriage with children rather quickly until she notices how the Sagittarius man distances himself from her more and more. It is true that the Sagittarius man is quite capable of becoming going homey, but as a rule, he prefers the big wide world with all its promises of adventure. He is unable to escape these. 

Joint activities do not come about. On the contrary, their different views increasingly lead to passionate conflicts. Both the Cancer woman and the Sagittarius man are increasingly disappointed in each other. If they realize that they are not moving toward each other, their love will not have a future. 

Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man

Their Opposites Attract Them

From the first moment, this relationship is amazing, but in the long run, not always entirely comprehensible. There is an immense attraction between the Sagittarius woman and the Cancer man that neither she nor him can really explain. This is mainly because the Sagittarius woman and the Cancer man are very attracted to each other by their opposites. 

A relationship therefore often develops spontaneously. Being capable of great intimacy, it is conducted very passionately. The shy nature of the Cancer man does not always make it easy for the open-hearted Sagittarius woman, however, this sparks her urge to conquer all the more. 

Vicious Circle or Opportunity?

Sooner or later, they may find themselves in a bind. Although they are fond of each other, their opposites cause heated arguments and they cannot always comprehend each other. Unconsciously, the Sagittarius woman's direct manner upsets the sensitive Cancer man. 

On the other hand, the moody Cancer man is very jealous – a no-go for the Sagittarius woman. If someone tries to restrict her freedom, she can become a fury. Passionate strife is followed by passionate reconciliation. The feeling that you can't quite be with each other, but also can't quite be without each other, either leads to a vicious circle that results in great dissatisfaction or a chance for the Sagittarius woman and Cancer man to rise above and grow together as a strong couple.

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