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The Capricorn Man

December 22nd to January 20th

The Capricorn Man - Not One To Step Out Of Line

The Capricorn man is not someone to step out of line. For that, rules and standards are far too important to them. Duty-bound and rule-following, he too often sees himself as the guardian of the law. Therefore, he is often in offices and professions where law plays a predominant role. 

Whether lawyer, judge, politician or in the tax office, the Capricorn man is not bored to death with a law book, but reads it in the evening like an exciting criminal story. He already was concerned with the order of things in his youth. Be it in mathematics, in his own actions or even in questions of justice, the meaning of life plays a primary role for him. 

He Stands by His Convictions Ironclad

He knows that life doesn't give you anything unless you work diligently for it and continue on your path consistently, even on the stormiest of days. An extraordinary quality he gains from this is fidelity to himself. He doesn't care if someone judges his approach as too slow or too conventional. He stands by his convictions ironclad – and is right about them in most cases.

However, this makes him stubborn and unteachable; he clings to his convictions all the more tightly the more vehemently someone goes against them. Thus, his determination may cause him to realize when he is headed in the wrong direction too late.

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The Self-Deprecating Capricorn

However, he can also see mistakes that have been made, and then, he goes down hard on himself. Therefore, over time, he adopts a unique, self-deprecating humor. He thus protects himself from his inner critic. He discreetly but skillfully makes people laugh in his vicinity and impresses with his acumen, reliability and loyalty. 

Usually, he does not have many friends, because he seems brusque at first. It takes him a lot of time to trust people. But once he has taken them into his heart, it becomes very difficult for them to leave his life. He is faithful to them and forgives mistakes.

A partner should at least value similar qualities as he does, and, at best, live by similar principles. On the other hand, she has to be a little more relaxed in her nature, especially in dealing with their feelings. If she manages to draw the Capricorn man out, she will have a friend in him who will always be faithful to her. 


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