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The Capricorn Woman

December 22nd to January 20th

The Capricorn - She Works Hard for Her Success

The Capricorn woman is a very continuous woman. She has both feet firmly on the ground of reality and doesn't get involved in sentimentalism. Only a full bank account along with her own home make her feel comfortable. 

She is well aware that this does not come from nothing, but she doesn't struggle with working hard for success. She feels joy watching her seeds grow and gives it her all to ensure that her work bears fruit. 

Reaching the Goal Through Perseverance

However, not with excessive enthusiasm or by jumping in at the deep end. The Capricorn woman has a water-tight plan according to which she shapes her life. No matter what hurdles come her way, she sticks to her plan. Self-confident and continuous, always taking one step after the other, the Capricorn woman bites her way through life and achieves what she has set out to do through perseverance and discipline. 

A good partner only gets in the way of these goals if he is stormy, emotional and volatile. Only unwillingly, the Capricorn woman plays the substitute mother of her life partner. She wants a partner whom she can tie the knot with, someone, who promises additional security, not more hard work. Her partner may challenge and encourage her, but not be a toddler. 

capricorn woman special offer

A Woman With a Very Special Treasure

The right man at her side is, in the best case, an experienced man who knows how to inject her life with a breeze of looseness. The Capricorn woman is best compared to a seashell, which hides a particularly beautiful and valuable pearl deep inside her. It will take a lot of patience and determination for her to open up, but when the time has come, undreamt-of qualities emerge. She charms bystanders with her very special sense of humor and one unforgettable moment follows the other. In these moments, she looks like a fairy tale princess.


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