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The Leo Man

July 23rd to August 23rd

An Alpha Animal Like in the Books

Here, you will find the infamous alpha animal. No man in the zodiac is as dominant and confident in his demeanor as the Leo. He pays attention to his appearance, he is well-groomed, and he is athletic to go down well with his appearance.

His single life is characterized by intense and numerous flirtations and dates. It may take some years until the young Leo lets himself be bound. In return, you will get a caring and generous partner. He understands how to make a woman happy. He is not stingy and shares his prosperity with joy because he knows about the meaning of such gestures very well. He himself is very receptive to small gifts and expressions of love that stroke his ego.

However, he is not just a cuddle cat in a relationship, if his partner gives him a good reason to be jealous, he becomes a predator. He shows his sharp claws and his big teeth and anyone trying to get too close to his girlfriend will regret it. As imposing as he is in his appearance, he always intimidates the competition. 

If his partner takes it to extreme, he becomes visibly more possessive and control addiction spreads in him. All too quickly, he is tempted to restrict his beloved with prohibitions. To avoid this, his partner should always make it clear to him that she only has eyes for him. The fact that he then generously lets her have her way is beyond question. 

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A Passionate Lover

If anyone dares to get too close to his family, you can be sure that he will defend what he holds dear with all his might as his natural protective instinct is awakened. Avoiding conflicts is not his style, he shows his teeth and makes what is going on very clear. With him, a woman by his side never has to worry about being exposed to danger.

In temperament, he is fiery, completely in his element. With the Leo man, a lady gets a passionate lover. Eroticism never comes too short in his life and the art of seduction is in his cradle. Like a predator in wait, he patiently waits for the right moment to strike. The woman of his desire has to be prepared for a fierce courtship. His sex appeal and determined demeanor drive lots of women crazy.

If you want to have a demanding and self-confident man by your side, Mr. Leo certainly is a recommendation for you. You just have to be serious about him. 

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