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Zodiac Sign Libra and Zodiac Sign Pisces

Pisces & Libra - Dreaming Together is More Beautiful

Together, Libra and Pisces harmonize wonderfully. Pisces often are muses for the artistically talented Libra. Together, they can fall into long-lasting daydreams and fantasize about all kinds of things. Then, they float on a wave of happiness, also thanks to the strong need for harmony that they have in common. This fact often makes Libra and Pisces inseparable friends.

On this foundation, a solid relationship can be built. In this, there is great acceptance and understanding. The zodiac sign Pisces is one of the few that the Libra can reveals their true feelings to. Contrary to what is said about the zodiac sign Libra, they are by no means superficial. The Pisces' natural way of dealing with their feelings tempts the Libra to let themselves go with their partner and show their true colors. This leads to great vulnerability, to which special attention must be paid. 

No One Wants to Jeopardize the Friendship

Until the time comes, there may be some stumbling stones along the way. The first is that a deep friendship rarely develops into a passionate relationship. No one wants to jeopardize a cherished friendship. In addition, emotional differences prevail between Libra and Pisces. As a result, the Pisces perceives the Libra as superficial and sometimes arrogant. 

To make matters worse, they are not known for making clear decisions. In the long term, this leads to problems: no one feels compelled to break out of their usual role to take on more responsibility. We can only hope that they perceive this as an opportunity and not as an insurmountable hurdle.

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The Libra Man and the Pisces Woman

Through Politeness to the Hottest Candidate

The road from getting to know someone for the first time to a happy relationship can be a long one. There are a few factors that play a role in this. For example, it probably won't be love at first, or second, or third sight. It much rather takes a series of meetings and shared experiences for them to fall for each other. 

The indecisiveness of both zodiac signs resonates here. Both the Libra man and the Pisces woman are no virtuosos when it comes to committing. At first, they find each other quite attractive. The Pisces woman does not like rude and inconsiderate men. Always polite, armed with perfect manners and a charming smile, the Libra man will soon become an interesting candidate for her.

Their Understanding of Each Other Inspires Them

However, it only gets interesting when they have found each other. In a relationship with the Libra man, the Pisces woman can really blossom. The harmony and mutual understanding with each other will inspire them, and the Libra man finds a woman who does not attach importance to fights just as convenient. As long as they don't want to change, this relationship can last longer you would expect.

The Libra Woman and the Pisces Man

Like the Fish in the Water

Both zodiac signs understand to put their own needs behind from time to time. Thus, conflicts or disagreements are often resolved through compromise, for example, when it comes to planning the evening. While the Pisces man likes to spend a cozy evening with his sweetheart, the Libra woman is often at an art exhibition with friends. 

These compromises will hardly ever or never be unfair, because the Libra woman is careful not to treat anyone unfairly, especially not her boyfriend. He will duly repay her by reading every wish from her lips. Once he starts his pampering program, the Libra woman will get her money's worth. Moreover, it benefits him that he often flatters her. The Libra woman loves and needs flattery like the fish needs water.

Tolerance, Patience and Tact

The art, music and the beauty in the world are all things that they let themselves get inspired from. They will be able to philosophize and discuss their favorite artists for hours on end, without awkward silence ever occurring. The only flaw in this relationship is that the Pisces man expects sincere and honest feelings in a relationship. 

He can quickly feel unloved when the Libra woman is out alone or comes home from work late. The Libra woman, however, needs an immense amount of time and encouragement until she opens up to her partner, If she ever fully does. A lot of tact, tolerance and patience is required for them to truly learn to love each other.


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