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Zodiac Signs Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Sagittarius & Sagittarius - You Cannot Kiss Alone

The zodiac sign Sagittarius has very good conditions to make a wonderful couple in terms of love and partnership. Many common interests and the same attitude to life naturally lead harmony, mutual trust and understanding. The Sagittarius woman can explore new horizons with her Sagittarius man, they love to travel and possess an incredible curiosity that fans their interest into multiple areas. 

In the process, they have a great time. Together, they enjoy life to the fullest and rarely stay in one place. They do not have to do everything together, they can also go separate ways. There is a great understanding for their counterpart, because they have the same ideas about love and freedom.

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Great Unity and Danger

Where there is great unity, there may also be much potential for conflict. The first danger that the Sagittarius woman and man must look out for is not idealizing each other. The tendency to do so lies in the nature of the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Once the pink glasses have faded, they will reach their limits. 

They suddenly realize how stubborn they can be and how often there are heated arguments when views differ. Then there is not only passionate love, but also passionate fights. Another stumbling block to togetherness are the little challenges of everyday life that grow into profound problems. 

They avoid everyday life as much as possible, however, this should not become insurmountable for the Sagittarius woman and man. They are too honest for that. There will be a serious fight, but reconciliation is just as likely as a compromise can be found. Once they have found a fair distribution of tasks, they will find everything they have always longed for in their relationship.

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