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The Scorpio Woman

October 24th to November 22nd

Buttering Her Up is Not Sufficient

Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere. This is probably the most accurate motto of the intense Scorpio woman. Emancipated, sensual, extreme, strong and eloquent because informed. These are the basic traits of the Scorpio woman. Therefore, it is hardly surprising to anyone that she needs a strong and steady man by her side. 

The Scorpio woman knows exactly what she wants and works persistently to make her dreams come true. Her sex appeal makes her extremely sought after by the male world. Her impenetrable nature excites men and causes them to woo her fiercely. But you should not fall into the trap of thinking that buttering her up is sufficient – she is too self-confident and perceptive for that. 

The Scorpio Woman is Up to All the Tricks

The Scorpio woman is up to all tricks. She wants a gentleman who is not pushy and yet consistent. She doesn't want a show-off, but she also doesn't want someone who is starving. She needs a strong partner, but not someone who wants to subjugate her. 

In short, the man of her dreams has to be born first. And yet: Once she decides on a candidate and sheds her great distrust, she is an unconditionally faithful and loyal woman. In a relationship, she always has her beloved one’s back.

Zodiac sign scorpio woman

Irascible Like a Tornado

She passionately fulfills all of his wishes as long as he shows no sign of jealousy. Otherwise, God have mercy on him as she becomes irascible like a tornado. There’s one thing to mention: You want the Scorpio woman as a lover, as a wife or as a friend, but under no circumstances as an enemy. 

As an enemy, she will play out her dark potential with fervor against her object of revenge. The Scorpio woman does not rest until her thoughts of revenge have subsided. So, dear men, if you are serious about a Scorpio woman, better refrain from playing games.

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