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Zodiac Sign Aquarius and Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus & Aquarius - Can this go well?

Not quite impossible, but definitely a tough one: the combination of the air sign Aquarius and the earth sign Taurus. Both elements generally don't fit together, making not only getting to know each other more difficult, but a long-lasting relationship more work than what they are used to. As a rule, Aquarius hardly enters into firm partnerships and puts fun and pleasure above everything else in a relationship.

The Taurus is a very enjoyable person, but it has all kinds of things to do with its own work, so it wants to feel secure in a relationship and not complicate its life additionally. 

Your Relationship Will Always Be Accompanied by Conflicts

They very rarely fall in love with each other but if it does happen, they have to prepare for a number of conflicts. 

The Aquarius loves its independence, makes many contacts and likes to spend time alone. It goes to festivals, visits exciting places or takes up one hobby after another. This gives it a unique feeling where it feels alive and free. All these things make the zodiac sign Taurus very nervous, because it likes being sociable, but extravagant activities or the effort to constantly make new contacts is alien to it. It is ambitious, committed and works continuously to achieve its goals in order to make its understanding of independence come true. In its view, it achieves this through security and material prosperity. It would prefer to spend a lot of time with its family in nature and enjoy its wealth.

An anathema to the spontaneous Aquarius. It equates routine with death and if it feels too taken in by the clingy Taurus, a breakup is not far away.

In this respect, love between them can only grow if they treat each other with mutual esteem and are prepared to forego their own needs for the sake of their love. You might try looking at it from this side: Only the path into the unknown leads people to worlds never imagined. Once they see through that, they may have a chance.

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The Aquarius Man and the Taurus Woman

Panic Instead of Fascination

Who does not know this? You meet a person and initially find them very sympathetic and the topics of conversation do not run out. If silence arises, it does not degenerate into embarrassing silence, but rather spreads a feeling of relaxation.

Over time, you get to know each other more and more, while the butterflies in your stomach flutter ever more violently. You have a carefree time and everything your partner says or does is sensational. If you don't see each other for more than a day, the first signs of strong love withdrawal begin and you long for your loved one. 

It's just too bad that the Aquarius man and the Taurus woman rarely have these experiences together. Their traits are too different and do not promise fascination, but rather panic and thoughts of escape. 

Jealousy is an Issue

All that a Taurus woman expects from a relationship, namely reliability, commitment, security as well as strong empathy, are qualities that the Aquarius man does not represent. The thought of tying himself down and thus committing himself to giving up part of his independence is anathema to him. Abdominal pain, sweating and headaches are accompanying symptoms. 

So be careful, dear Aquarius men. A Taurus woman is very self-contained and tolerant, but if her husband gives her a reason to be jealous, she shows her horns and has no problem using them. The Taurus woman becomes very quick-tempered and vents her displeasure.

Slumbering Passion

On the one hand, this is a real challenge for the Aquarius man, but at the same time, there is a chance that the deep hidden passion of the Aquarius man will awake in it as well, in the interplay of tenderness and outbursts of anger. An interesting relationship with ups and downs can have the consequence of creating a real partnership with true feelings. As time goes by, they are able to approach each other more and more and even turn their natural tolerance into understanding and love.

The Aquarius Woman and the Taurus Man

Lack of Understanding Instead of Enthusiasm

The Taurus man is known to be very dominant and grounded. Continuously, he follows his chosen path to the end, not allowing himself to be intimidated or upset by major defeats. Consistency is his purpose in life, and when he doesn't have a solid plan at hand, he retreats and thinks about one in peace. A typical earth sign. 

The Aquarius woman just bubbles with ideas, lighting up everyone, except perhaps the Taurus man – her erratic and spontaneous nature only make him uneasy and suspicious. It can understand them poorly or not at all and there is no such thing as understanding here.

Communication as the Foundation of Their Love

She is unorthodox and unconventional and is not afraid to take a risk, even in professional terms. This is simply too much for the security-loving Taurus man and in a relationship, he will try to put a stop to the extravagant plans of his loved on, because he sees the weal and woe of his existence in danger.

However, the relationship between them has a small chance, as they can communicate with each other exceptionally well. They treat each other with respect and rarely leave the factual level of language. Then, it may well be that they discover a love for each other because of their respect for each other, and that they enrich and inspire each other. Thus, the charming Aquarius woman can lure the Taurus man out of his shell and tempt him to take more risks, while the Taurus man can give her a plan to implement her ideas. 


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