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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius 

November 23rd to December 1st

Their Freedom Comes First

Conquest and passion. The zodiac sign Sagittarius is not for the faint-hearted. The spontaneous Sagittarius is very independent and imaginative. Due to these facts, the Sagittarius is often single or enjoys passionate romances in which they do not have to worry about committing themselves permanently. 

Regularly, the zodiac sign Sagittarius has a whole network of lovers in different cities. This gives them security and leaves them enough freedom not to have to commit themselves. The Sagittarius becomes quite faithful and domestic with the right partner. Like them, this person should have a great deal of self-confidence in order to be able to calmly react to their activity. 

Zodiac sign sagittarius in love and partnership

They Don’t Hide Their Feelings

In addition, the Sagittarius needs a partner who is at eye level with them, someone that not make their life too easy and is just as active. Their partner has to be aware that Sagittarius loves to flirt. They needs that to live like they need to breathe.

You might think that Sagittarius-born people are very superficial, and this impression can certainly arise, but that is only half the truth. The Sagittarius is a very honest and direct person. They openly speak about their feelings and make no secret of their true thoughts. Sometimes, they are so honest that they unintentionally hurt their partner – a little more cleverness would do them well in this respect. A partner who loves them with, or despite, their weaknesses is ideal for the multi-faceted Sagittarius.

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