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Zodiac Sign Leo and Zodiac Sign Sagittarius 

Leo & Sagittarius - What's Crackling?

The two fire signs get along splendidly, they have the best conditions to ideally harmonize. Together, they plan their future. The best thing is that everyone can act in their usual role without having to pretend to be anything else. The Leo has ideas and likes to plan, as does the Sagittarius. The latter puts shared visions into practice. You could say that the Leo makes a wish and the Sagittarius does the deed.

However, the proud Leo should not fall prey to the idea that the Sagittarius wants to place themselves above them. They are just incredibly comfortable doing collaborative projects. Be it the joint vacation, family planning or professional projects. This is generally convenient for the Leo as they shines less for their drive than for their appearance. They have a great time, as they both have generosity and open-mindedness among their strengths. 

They Need a Common Pace

Occasionally, the Sagittarius may act a tad too quickly and frantically for the Leo because the Leo is a great connoisseur who savors the moment to the fullest. The Sagittarius, on the other hand, does not sit still for long, but is usually thinking about the next activity. It's a matter of finding a common pace so they get their money's worth.

Also, it is important that the Lion keeps the Sagittarius on a long leash. If they are too possessive, the Sagittarius is quick with the thoughts of a breakup. They attach great importance to independence and freedom. The Sagittarius must make the compromise of taking more time for Leo. Small and large attentions and regular caresses are the be-all and end-all for the Leo. If this is taken to heart, the two fiery zodiac signs don't need much to have a happy relationship.

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Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

The Relationship is Characterized by Fun

The Sagittarius woman can really tempt the Leo man to take off. The realistic Leo man is only too happy to be captured by the magic of the Sagittarius woman. This relationship will be characterized by passion, joint activities and a lot of fun – as you would expect from two zodiac signs of the fire element.

They Give Each Other the Space They Need

They fit together well because they are not known for clinging at all. As long as the Sagittarius woman regularly makes it clear to the Leo man that he is her only love and occasional flirtations mean nothing, he will give her the space she needs. He understands this, as the Leo man himself is no child of sadness. 

In addition, the Leo man and Sagittarius woman innately are very optimistic and confident about the future. This predisposition naturally favors the relationship. On days off, they know how to have a delicious time. Together, they will reinvent themselves again and again and boredom rarely is an issue.

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

A Solid Foundation

With the Sagittarius man, the Leo woman finds a strong, risk-taking and generous partner – ideal conditions to arouse her interest. These are the qualities that the Leo woman finds in herself. In this respect, this relationship has a solid foundation to bring long-lasting happiness. In addition, they enrich each other in a relationship. The Leo woman will continue to cultivate his behavior with others as he shows her the sky. 

He Proves a Good Hand in Dealing With Her

The fact that the Leo woman is not particularly capable of criticism certainly is no secret, so it is a good thing when a Sagittarius man is by her side. His diplomatic skills allow him to stand up well to the strong Leo woman without exposing her. In general, he proves to have a good hand when it comes to dealing with her pride and vanity. 

The compromise, however, will be for Sagittarius to back off a bit now and then, especially when they are in public together. If his attention is more focused on her, she will be fully satisfied. The Leo woman and the Sagittarius man prefer to look forward with confidence rather than into the dim past. With this optimistic view, they can also look forward to a happy future.

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