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The Zodiac Signs Scorpio and Scorpio 

Scorpio & Scorpio - Sought and Found

The Scorpio woman and the Scorpio man find each other very quickly. They each embody exactly what the other longs for. If you ask both of them about their dream partner, they will probably answer that they must be a strong personality. They should not cave in to the weakest gust of wind. 

It is not a daring thesis to claim that they sought and found each other. Both approach relationships very seriously, intensely and passionately. They share the same morals, especially when it comes to fidelity and loyalty. Therefore, there is hardly any reason for jealousy that is worth mentioning – Otherwise, jealousy is very pronounced in them. Over time, their natural distrust will reduce in.

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The Sun Only Shines Brightly on Very Few Days

However, things will not always be rosy – the sun only shines brightly on very few days. This is mainly because both the Scorpio woman and the Scorpio man are very dominant personalities. They insist on their opinion until the very end and do not let anyone or anything move them from their point of view.

Differences of opinion, for example when it is apparently about something trivial, such as which coffee to drink at home, degenerate into bitter fights. As paradoxical as it may sound at first, it's these power struggles that don't spell the end of the relationship for them, but rather bring their cauldron to a boil. They like to rub up against their partner. For them, the struggle for interpretive authority is an expression of true love. 

This makes for a deep bond. You cannot get to know someone better than in a good and serious fight. Their trust is also growing instead of falling apart. They know that passion and extremes only arise when there is sincere and intense love. Mutual admiration and affection grows with the exchange of blows. Therefore, there are few external factors that could shake this special love.

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