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Zodiac Sign Cancer and Zodiac Sign Capricorn 

Cancer & Capricorn - Dormant Potential

It is interesting to observe how different the relationship between the water sign Cancer and the earth sign Capricorn can be. On the one hand, these zodiac signs are directly opposite of each other in the zodiac, which means that there are fundamental differences between them, but on the other hand, zodiac signs from the element of water fit very well with the element of earth. Water fertilizes the earth and thereby helps it to bring forth life, and earth, in turn, ensures that water can flow in a regulated manner. 

Water and Earth Create Life

This is also the case in interpersonal relationships. Getting to know each other can cause a terrible disaster. In this, communication problems and misunderstandings predominate, but it can also come to an unsuspected harmony, should initial difficulties be overcome. 

They then complement each other perfectly. The emotional Cancer finds a partner who gives them security in the Capricorn. The Cancer attaches great importance to this characteristic in a partner, and together, they share a longing for permanence. They agree in these points like the dealer and the customer.

Their Beings separate Them From Each Other

However, they have to get to know each other first, and this is where misunderstandings arise. The cause is the Capricorn’s rough shell; they rarely reveal their feelings. At times, they are also very harsh in their language, which makes the cancer feel very rejected and, even worse, snubbed. 

They will not make any further effort and withdraw to avoid being hurt. The Cancer needs a lot of attention from their loved one, which the Capricorn does not want to and cannot offer. With them, work always comes first, whether they are in a relationship or not. 

However, should they make the effort to really get to know each other, they will realize how much they have to give each other. They will be very faithful to each other and share a distinct intimacy. They quickly agree on the distribution of tasks as both prefer a traditional approach in this respect. If they recognize the advantages of a partnership, their relationship will shine under very special stars.

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The Cancer Woman and the Capricorn Man

His Sensitive Side Lives Behind Tightly Closed Doors

The Cancer woman and the Capricorn man harmonize extremely well, but the initial phase has some difficulties to offer. The biggest hurdle is their different emotional worlds: The Capricorn man has a hard shell by nature, which is difficult for the sensitive Cancer woman to deal with. 

Only after some time, she will be able to see behind the hard facade of the Capricorn man and fall in love with him. Then, she recognizes his level-headed, calm and quiet care. His fellow human beings are as important to him as they are to her, he just shows it differently. She will be able to see him in a new light, and suddenly, many similarities appear on the surface.

Unexpected Commonalities

They share the same basic need for security. This acts as a common foundation for the two. They are domestic and are very creatures of habit. They hold on to the tried and true for a long time. There is rarely a reason for change. 

The ideas regarding the distribution of roles in a relationship are also the same. Quite classic and traditional, the Cancer woman has no problems giving up her career and finds salvation in raising her children. The Capricorn man classically goes to work during this. He mainly supports his family financially.

None of Them Quickly Pull Out

Even in difficult situations, they rely on each other. They don't have to worry that one of the two will pull out as soon as things start to crumble. A possible reason for cracks in the relationship could be that the Capricorn man is not peddling his feelings – the earth sign is sparing with compliments and confirmation. 

If the Cancer woman does not understand how the Capricorn man expresses his love, she will become more and more frustrated over time. For them, vows of love belong in a relationship like angels belong in heaven. Every now and then, a romantic night and a small gesture from the Capricorn man will do wonders in this regard.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

The Pursuit of Security 

There are some qualities that the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman share. In favor of this relationship is that they are very domestic and attach great importance to their family. This is a good foundation for joint family planning. They strive for security and feel most comfortable when everything happens in an orderly fashion. With the Cancer man, the Capricorn woman always has someone whom she can rely on at her side. 

He gives everything for his love and leaves no stone unturned to make his chosen one happy. He is good with children, emphatic and not afraid to take responsibility around the house – qualities that she will not overlook. Because as a rule, she doesn't want a daredevil, but a family man who will faithfully stand by her side. Together, they enjoy the little pleasures of life.

Small Stumbling Blocks on the Path to Happiness

However, there are a few small stumbling blocks on the path to happiness. They definitely need to step it up a notch in their communication. Neither the Cancer man, nor the Capricorn woman openly speak about their true feelings. This does not mean that the Cancer man would be sparing with compliments and expressions of love, but in particular is extremely sparing with criticism. He prefers to swallow his frustration before starting a full-blown fight.

The Capricorn woman has difficulty openly speaking about her emotional life, if at all, she shows her feelings extremely discreetly. Sooner or later, misunderstandings always arise, which can lead to great misfortune. 

No Way Back

In the worst case, they try to change themselves so that their counterpart will act according to their wishes. Once it has come this far, there usually is no way back and a breakup only is a matter of time. However, if they meet each other more and learn to understand each other's language, they have all the prerequisites to become a wonderful couple.


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