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The Chinese Zodiac | 5 Min. Reading Duration

The Chinese Zodiac sign Ox

The Ox is the second place of the Chinese zodiac signs. Legends say that he only took second place because of a trick of the Rat: The 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope are said to have fought for their places in a race. 

The Rat has persuaded the Ox to let it ride on its back. It agreed, but just before they arrived at the finish line of the race, the Rat jumped off the Ox and managed to secure first place in the Chinese zodiac. 

But what is a Ox like? What about its health, career opportunities or even love life?

Typical Characteristics of the Ox 

Ox-born people are characterised by their high degree of diligence, reliability and strength. They have an extremely honest nature and appreciate traditional values. The preference for conservative values, however, does not mean carrying on the ashes, but keeping the fire alive.

Oxen are far-sighted, patient and traditional family people. The Ox continuously works towards goals and achieves them through persistent patience. Female Ox are considered to be extremely good partners who lovingly take care of the family.

However, the strong family connection means that Ox often fail to see the point in talking to others. They therefore tend to have poor communication skills and prefer to keep to themselves with their stubborn nature.

The Influence of the Elements in Oxen 

Certain character traits are identical in all bearers of the horoscope Ox. However, the combination of the Chinese five-element teachings with the signs of the zodiac results in different constellations.

Thus, a Metal Ox has different characteristics than a Wood or Earth Ox. By the way: 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox. You can find out which unique Ox type you are from the following overview:

1961, 2021Metal
1913, 1973Water
1925, 1985Wood
1937, 1997Fire
1949, 2009Earth

The Unique Traits of the Ox 

Every 12 years is a new year of the Ox, but each combination with one of the five elements only occurs every 60 years. You can see which unique features your element has here: 

Metal-Ox: The Metal Ox certainly does not lack iron will and determination. It is considered responsible and extremely determined. Problems can only arise when the full focus of the Metal Ox on its target is not profitable.

Therefore, a Ox cannot handle failures so well. Despite its strong determination and dedication to projects, however, it is always warm towards its loved ones and reluctant to be alone.

Water-Ox: Among the different types of Oxen, the Water Ox is considered the most creative. Due to the Ox's hardworking nature, coupled with a large portion of imagination, the Water Ox is capable of achieving great things.

Despite its creative, imaginative nature, it is also considered a realist. Praise and recognition keep the Water Ox in line: It quickly feels constrained by rules and norms.

Wood-Ox: When you think of wood, you may first think of a boring piece of wood, like a chair or a table. But the Wood Ox is not quite so “inflexible”. On the contrary: Trees have to grow, withstand wind and weather – they are flexible when they need to be, but they can also withstand storms.

It is the same with the Wood Ox. If need be, this elemental connection proves to be the most flexible among Oxen, always ready to defend the weak and helpless. However, unrest arises when things are not in balance.

Fire-Ox: In addition to its natural down-to-earthness, the Fire Ox has a large portion of temperament. Once a Fire Ox has decided on a desirable goal, nothing can stop it. Then it is literally “on fire” and gets what it desires.

Nevertheless: The natural family consciousness is also deeply rooted in the Fire Ox. Its loved ones are very important to it. It only becomes problematic when it is constricted or even provoked. Then, it may fly off the handle.

Earth-Ox: The Earth Ox combines the natural characteristics of the Ox in its purest form. It firmly stands on the ground, is prudent and is not easily told anything. At the same time, it is considered extremely reliable and reasonable.

If something doesn't work out as planned, the Earth Ox doesn't bury its head in the sand. It learns from mistakes and subsequently approaches its projects with even more care.

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The Career of Ox-Borns

To cut a long story short: Oxen are a symbol of industriousness and are excellent and hard-working people. Through their high degree of diligence and reliability, they always achieve their goals successfully. 

With their strict work ethic and keen eye for detail, they are suited for numerous career paths. Particularly good occupations for Oxen are, for example: 

  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Real estate
  • Architecture
  • Woodworking
  • Artistic work
  • Politics

The Love Horoscope of the Ox 

If you are a Ox, you are probably wondering which partner would suit you particularly well according to the Chinese horoscope. Therefore, in the following table, we show which combinations are perfect for you and which might prove critical:

IdealRooster, Rat, Dragon
GoodSnake, Pig, Rabbit
AverageHorse, Dog, Tiger, Monkey, Ox

Don’t worry though, even unfavourable combinations of the zodiac signs can lead to a loving relationship. A critical combination can also be the firewood for a temperamental relationship. 

The Ox Woman

The extraordinary thing about a Ox woman is her ambition and willpower. A strong sense of justice, a thoroughly honest nature and a crystal-clear mind make the Ox woman an excellent mother. 

To create security for herself and her family, the Ox woman spares neither expense nor effort. When needed, it can become a real workhorse. However, the Ox woman can also become biting, especially when she feels she has been treated unfairly. Then she is not willing to compromise – she does not deviate from her opinion one inch. 

The Ox Man

The things the Ox man has achieved in life did not fall into his lap. He is calm, reasonable and hardworking. The need for security is also very strong in the Ox man. He wants to take control – but he would never resort to unfair means to achieve his goals.

In companies, he likes to fight his way to the top, but reaches it through honest and hard work. Basically, the Ox man is sceptical of everything unknown, which sometimes prevents him from taking the initiative and leaving familiar paths. 

Health of the Ox-Born

Good prospects for Oxen: Health-wise, they are considered extremely robust and strong. Therefore, health problems rarely arise. But beware: Their zeal for work can be their undoing.

When working, they quickly get “tunnel vision” and tend to forget the time, skip meals and risk intestinal problems. Therefore, Oxen should make sure to have enough rest during and after work and eat meals more regularly.