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The chinese zodiac | 5 Min. reading duration

The chinese zodiac sign Snake

The Snake is the sixth of all animals in the Chinese zodiac. It crossed the finish line in sixth place in a race. Their closest relative is the Dragon, so they are often described as friends. They reached the finish line together, but as the Dragon was much bigger than the Snake, the Dragon was seen earlier and was thus able to secure fifth place. 

In this article, we show you what exactly distinguishes the Snake and what you should consider in terms of career, love and health.

The Personality of the Snake

Snake-born people are considered the most intuitive signs in the Chinese horoscope. At the same time, they are secretive and reserved. In China, Snakes also represent wisdom, and therefore intelligence and wisdom are the main characteristics of a Snake. Unlike in Western countries, a Snake is not considered devious and malicious – quite the opposite! In the Chinese horoscope, a Snake is highly valued and is generally known as a great thinker. 

But Snakes are often materialistic and always have an eye on what other people have in their possession. They like to have the best products, but don't like to go on shopping sprees. 

Snakes like to do work alone and are stressed when they have to work in a large team or an open-plan office. If you encounter such a stressed Snake, it is better to give it space. 

Snakes and Their Elemental Properties

As with all other zodiac signs, the Chinese five-element teachings play an important role for the Snake. Not all Snakes are the same. The influence of the five elements results in exciting and individual character traits, which we will show you below:

1905, 1965Metal
1917, 1977Water
1929, 1989Wood
1941, 2002Fire
1953, 2013Earth

The Different Traits of Snakes

As different as the colouring of the scales of different Snake species can be, so different are the character traits that are determined by the five elements. 

Wood-Snake: Wood Snakes are the artists and trendsetters among the Snakes. They prefer to work quietly and secretly, using their talents to help other people instead of stepping into the spotlight themselves. They are known for their feel for music, art, film, theatre as well as their exceptional talent for language and can quickly recognise contexts. This enables the Wood Snake to exercise sound judgement. Their modesty sometimes gets in the way. That is why they often miss good opportunities. But the recognition of others is more important to them than banalities anyway.  

Fire-Snake: The typical restraint of a Snake is somewhat dampened by the element of Fire. This makes Fire Snakes somewhat more passionate than other types of Snakes and therefore exhibit leadership qualities. You always have everything in view and can negotiate successfully even with the most difficult partners. But sometimes this success can go to their heads, so that they are only eager to fight for their own advantage. The advice of close confidants often helps here. By the way: One of the most famous Fire Snakes was John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America.

Earth-Snake: Earth Snakes are particularly down-to-earth and are described as sensible and forward-looking pragmatists. Meanwhile, they always radiate a certain calm and harmony, because they are at peace with themselves! These abilities make Earth Snakes excellent crisis managers who intervene when necessary and bring order back into chaos. However, be careful: This often leads to Earth Snakes interfering in areas that do not really concern them.

Metal-Snake: A sharp mind and an even sharper tongue – these are the main characteristics of a Metal Snake. They have an iron will and are very energetic. This combination is very promising. A Metal Snake pursues and achieves its goals with speed and precision, but as unseen as possible. After all, no one should get ahead of her or even interfere. The twist: Metal Snakes want to be socially engaged on the one hand, but are very suspicious on the other.

Water-Snake: An agile mind, lots of feelings and artistic ambition. Water Snakes aren’t dreamers, but very enterprising, because material security is very important to them! Of all the Snakes, however, they are the least keen to show off their talents to an audience. As they are more vulnerable than other types of Snakes, they rarely show their feelings. Water Snakes are true life artists and always follow their heart. No one knows how to live in the here and now better than a Water Snake.

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Career Prospects for Snakes

We now know that Snakes are very creative and extremely hardworking. Despite this, they change jobs more often because they can quickly become bored. With their sharp thinking and ability to see through complex problems, they are natural problem solvers who are at their best, especially under time pressure. 

These career opportunities work very well for Snakes: 

  • Scientist
  • Analyst
  • Investigator
  • Painter
  • Nutritionist
  • Sociologist

Which Partner suits Snakes?

Snake-born people also longing for a partner. Therefore, we have compiled a small list for you from which you can read the Snake combinations. 

IdealOx, Rooster
GoodDog, Rat, Snake, Rabbit, Dragon, Goat
AverageTiger, Horse
DifficultPig, Monkey

But don't worry, nothing is set in stone here. For example, the Tiger’s ambition and drive for attention can lead to an inspiring and passionate relationship. 

The Snake Woman

Snake women are brimming with cleverness and intuition. They know how to wrap men around their little finger and like to act casual. This often makes them look “comfortable”, but the opposite is the case: Their mind never stands still!

In doing so, a Snake woman ALWAYS relies on her own judgement. At the same time, she is often superstitious and in many cases exhibits the famous “sixth sense”. As a result, she trusts her own intuitions – and is usually right. 

She is very talkative, open-minded and interested in all different areas of life. That's why she particularly enjoys discussing all kinds of things. But beware: A Snake woman is good at arguing!

Don't worry though, as quarrelsome as she can sometimes seem, she can be passionate, honest and devoted in a relationship.

The Snake Man

Snake men are considered to be particularly perceptive, amusing and obliging. No one can touch their self-confidence. At the same time, they are full of ideas that they are determined to implement. 

Like the Snake woman, the Snake man always relies on his own gut feeling and judgement. Well-intentioned advice is therefore often worthless to him. 

The Snake man only enters into friendships and relationships very slowly and with caution. At the same time, he is very sensual and passionate. His charm is seductive, which is why he is idolised by many women. 

Health: Skin as a Mirror of the Soul

Snake-born people like to live a peaceful life and avoid noisy environments as much as possible. They are very easily stressed when some aspect of their life is not quite at peace and in order. Therefore, Snakes should be careful to keep their workload manageable and not too busy. 

Just as Snakes shed their skin several times in their life, the skin is also a symbol of health for Snake-born people. When diseases develop, they are usually skin-related. 

Make sure you have enough time to relax, just like on a nice holiday, and plan your working hours so that you can always take breaks to unwind. Then, nothing will be in the way of a healthy Snake.