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Zodiac Sign Leo and Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Leo & Scorpio - Everything but Boredom

Passion and explosiveness – this couple has it all figured out. A great relationship is rather rare for these two zodiac signs, but the passion literally blossoms. Not infrequently, a small flirt turns into an affair with all the games and fantasies that go with it. But in the following, we will tell you why it usually stays that way. 

The Scorpio is not interested in buttering up the Leo at all. If something does not suit the Scorpio, they do not hold back with criticism of their partner. This is pure poison for the Leo. Insult to majesty at the highest level. It would be a miracle if there is not a serious fight as a result, even if the scorpion does not announce their criticism in front of everyone. Moreover, it is enough for the Scorpio to say “I love you” once, while the Leo needs caresses to be happy, like a flower needs rain.

Lots of Fuel

Moreover, they like to hold the reins of the action in their hands. There's plenty of fuel here. From a fight in which no one wants to give in, the Scorpio usually leaves the field as the winner. They take a clever approach, while the Leo wants to get their head through the wall. To be fair, no one wins in such a fight. Either way, both will have to lick their wounds first. And trust will not come out of it. 

In one respect, however, they complement each other. The Leo has no problem effortlessly acting in the foreground and letting off full steam. This is just fine with the Scorpio, because they know well how to pull the strings in the background and avoid the big stage rather than seeking it. A relationship between the Leo and the Scorpio can be captivating and exciting, bring anger and tears, but never boredom.

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Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

Like a Forest Fire

The relationship between a Leo man and the Scorpio woman is like a great forest fire. Things are heating up, but in order to eventually harvest fruit from the nutrient-rich soil, he has to cool down first. However, he almost never cools down in this regard, it seems almost impossible. In sexual terms, this fact is extremely enriching. But it is precisely these waves of lust that mask budding relationship problems all too well. 

Passionate, More Passionate, Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman likes to take control in all areas of life. She becomes quick-tempered and jealous when the Leo man flirts with other women. There is a great danger that the Scorpio woman will fall prey to the idea of wanting to restrict his freedom – an absolute no-go for the Leo man. Moreover, the born analyst will not mince words when it comes to listing his mistakes. She sees through the Lion and generally does not understand his urge for attention. This is a taboo for the lion. He needs confirmation and encouragement in a relationship, otherwise he is offended quite quickly. 

Many relationships between a Scorpio woman and a Leo man are defined by their sexuality and passionate love. But whether that is always enough to lead a happy relationship is questionable.

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man

He Leaves the Spotlight to Her

We will turn to the positive aspects of this relationship first. The Scorpio man impresses with his restraint when it comes to granting his loved one the appearance in the spotlight. For this, the Leo woman loves her Scorpio man. She feels nothing more discrediting than when her partner pushes past her. Moreover, with a Scorpio man at her side, she has an excellent listener who perceives her needs and is always faithfully by her side. When the going gets tough, they can rely on each other, which strengthens the trust in their relationship enormously. 

A Certain Ability to Suffer is a Basic Requirement

There is rarely boredom between them. This fact, however, is the starting signal for the challenges they will face. While they have a high sexual and emotional attraction to each other, they also have a high potential for conflict. It starts with the fact that the Scorpio man is not known for showering his sweetheart with gifts. When he does make one, they are rarely what a stylish Leo woman would consider “successful.” Small attentions are extremely important to her as she herself is not greedy with small and large gifts. In most cases, she perceives him as greedy, and she's not even wrong with that. The Scorpio man attaches great importance to financial security, while the Leo woman is rather generous with her income. 

He won't shower her with compliments, which is another reason for frustration. The Scorpio man, on the other hand, finds the Leo woman too possessive and dominant. He would rather have a kitten that obediently bows to his will – quite the opposite of the Leo-born. Both will defend their opinion by any means, even if they are wrong. Ups and downs will be constant companions in this relationship, but luckily, Leo women are said to have a certain capacity for suffering.

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